Extra Resources

GitHub Desktop

As fun as it is to use the terminal, GitHub Desktop is a tool that allows you to push, pull, commit, and run other git commands without the terminal. This application can help quicken the workflow between your local computer and GitHub.

Git Cheat Sheet

This is a really handy cheat sheet that GitHub made which categorizes many of the most useful commands git into their functions.

GitHub Student Developer Pack

Register your GitHub account with your Emory email (if you didn't originally create your account with your Emory email, don't worry, you can add a secondary email to your account in your account settings) and you can have access to many cool deals that GitHub has for students.

If you want to update your account to Pro, you can do so through the pack. If your interested in cloud computing, the student pack gives you $100 of AWS Educate credit and $100 of Microsoft Azure. If you want to register a domain name, the pack gives you one free domain name using name.com.

Collaboration with Git

Git allows several people to collaborate on one repository ; this is done by using features called branches and merging. EX. Let's say you're working on a feature for a website. You can create a new "branch" that does not affect the main branch or "live" version of the website. You can work on versions of the website with your feature on your separate branch.

When you're finished your work, you can merge your branch with the master branch and launch your new and improved version of the website. You can also discuss proposed changes to your project with other collaborators before merging your branch with the master branch. In this way, everyone is aware of all the changes happening to the project.

Create a Website Using GitHub

You can create a website using GitHub repositories! GitHub actually creates a unique domain name for you, which is in the format "[your username].github.io". For example, you can create a personal website using Hugo Academic. For example (and yes, a shameless plug), I've created a website using my GitHub domain name and Hugo Academic. If you're interested, then I would suggest reading the documentation for the website theme and looking at an example website. The repository that launches my website is linked above.

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