Create a GitHub Account

Navigate to GitHub's website:

The front page provides the first step in signing up for an account. Fill in the information needed.

Verify your account and click "join a free plan."

  • Note on Free Plan: GitHub has a Pro account that students can upgrade to. See the extra section at the end of this worksheet.

  • Note on Email Preferences: I unchecked the email preferences box because I just don't need more emails cluttering my inbox. Maybe you feel the same way.

Fill out the information page for your GitHub account.

Once you've finished and moved on from the information page, verify your email.

Once you've verified your email, you will be sent to the following page; for this demonstration, click "skip this for now" under the options. I'd rather you learn how to create a new repository from the home page rather than these short cuts.

And there you have it! You've created your GitHub account.

  • Note on HelloWorld Guide on Screen: The guide explains how to create a repository, branch, commit, and pull request, and I find the document to also be a nice beginner tutorial to go through; however, it's not realistic while using GitHub to not have to use a little bit of coding when doing these git actions. Link to the guide:

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